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After completing the Lexicon of elements task, I was asked to pick a handful of marks from the table that I created, and use only those marks to illustrate from 'Foxglove Country' poem by Zaffar Kunial.

Doing this was very challenging! This is where I learned that my most favourable marks made were spots, dots, curves ans flicks. Knowing this before I illustrate, now, is a super power!

Below shows a small portion of my process as an illustrator and surface pattern designer.

To achieve the finished seamless pattern I have researched, sketched, researched some more, tested different types of marks in which to illustrate, used pencil and digital mediums for development and finalised in procreate.

Drawing in spots was a challenge! I later developed a procreate brush that painted out an array of spots to save time.

Part of the process using layers in procreate.

Finished seamless pattern.

The focus of the MA Illustration is my own process and practice and here it is!

Pretty Squirrel


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