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Lexicon of elements

Updated: Feb 27

Lexicon of elements- Pretty Squirrel Design.

In the first module at Falmouth, I was introduced to the Lexicon of elements.

This is a table of the marks that I make when I illustrate.

The task of identifying my own personal marks proved to be very challenging but a very useful tool to have, moving forward.

I was able to accomplish this by looking back over previous work and extract the marks that I have made to create them.

Not only am I now fully aware of my most used marks but I am able to have more control over the way I illustrate and the choices I make when doing so.

Curves, curles and flicks are my most used marks.

This table was created by illustrating the alphabet using only the marks that I make.

With a dash of my favourite colour- pink!

Pretty Squirrel


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