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New collection

The pretty new collection I have been working on as part of my latest project during my studies at Falmouth! My focus has been based around trees, plants and flowers. This beautiful crocus flower design was inspired by the naturally growing flowers dotted around Chester, UK. I made lots of rough sketches with my pencil and sketch pad and used them as the foundation of my digital drawing with my digital pen and iPad.

I love to draw elements and then arrange them to create seamless, surface pattern designs.

My favourite has to be the ditsy design! I have always had a fascination with the tiny elements of the ditsy style design and I am over the moon to have created my own!

The palette here is very unique as it has been created from another bunch of flowers that I sourced visually from Bodelwyddan Castle hotel, North Wales, UK.

In this collection I have been able to show off some of my authentic illustration markings and here are my flicks!

Purples are not usually my first colour of choice, I tried to replicate the real flower that I could see. I would like to see this collection in pinks!

These designs are available to buy now in the form of fabric, wallpaper and home decor! See the full collection at my Spoonflower store!

Much love,

Pretty Squirrel


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