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Hello, I'm Bonny!

Owner at Pretty Squirrel Design.

I began drawing at a young age, and from then I knew that I was inspired by the people and the world that surrounded me.

I create characters to represent the people I love and develop my sketches digitally, portraying them on a wide variety of products.

From drawing in my spare time, to easing difficult times and for filling requests- I went on to gaining my GCSE in Art and Design at high school.

After high school I gained qualifications in photography and digital media, Amongst all sorts of other courses, that lead me to the school of Art and Design- Glyndwr University.

During my Degree in 'illustration for children's publishing', I realized that my passion for drawing was more than just a hobby- It was a way of life.

My first book happened whilst I was in lockdown with my beautiful family, and of course it was about them! My 2 son's and inspired by the wild and wonderful things they do.

Currently, I am fascinated by pattern design! Turning my illustrations into gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers!

Head over to 'where to find my designs' page and you will also find my little illustrated card collections.

Thank You For Visiting!

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©All Designs & Illustrations are owned by Pretty Squirrel Design and are subject to copyright laws.2024

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